"Positioning yourself as the local expert and driving traffic to your practice by leveraging virtual summits is your best marketing plan"

Hosting your own virtual summit is what you need to take your business to the next level? 

Here is what a virtual summit can do for your practice...
  • Build a highly targeted list quickly
  • Build better referral relationships
  • Be seen as a local expert
  • Have an educational tool you can use
  • ​Drive revenue to your practice plus generate revenue from the summit
  • ​Be part of the latest and greatest in digital marketing
  • ​Be in front of your ideal patients 
  • ​Tap into the audiences of health minded businesses in your area
And guess what...we make it simple and easy to get this up and running for your practice in 90 days, because we do most of the work for you...music to everyone’s ears!


A virtual summit may seem like something reserved for the big names in the industry, something expensive, overwhelming and out of reach for most docs. 

A virtual summit is an online 1 or 2 day event where you, the host , along with other health experts in your local area will be teaching attendees about key things that matter to them. A virtual summit is a unique opportunity to grow your practice utilizing the latest in digital marketing to reach the right people that are eager to see you.

Marketing your practice has it's challenges!

  • Most marketing opportunities are brand awareness based but don’t drive traffic to your practice.
  • ​Standing out as an expert online is key to reaching more people, but how?
  • ​Technology is often tricky, hard to implement and expensive.
  • ​Digital marketing is ever changing.
  • ​More and more people are vying for the attention of your existing and potential clients.
  • ​You have so much to teach but no time or opportunities to do so.
  • ​Building relationships with referral sources in your local community is key to growing but most doctors aren’t focusing on that once their biz is up and running.
  • ​Most practices are not generating new high quality email leads regularly.
  • ​Most practice don’t know how to leverage the audiences of other businesses.
  • ​Chamber of Commerce and BMI groups are great but if you don’t have an opportunity to collaborate...the ideas tend to die on the vine.
  • ​You want to have something you can talk about, something exciting, fresh and current.

Any of those sound familiar? What if one thing solved all of these issues?

Why Summits, Why us? 

Our team is always ahead of the curve wanting to bring the latest in marketing directly to brick and mortar practices. We are constantly looking at how we can leverage new technologies to be more profitable and be more efficient with our time. We also know that leveraging brands is necessary in 2020 and beyond.

We have run massive events for over two decades and we know how valuable events are but they can be so challenging with so much time of your time needed and it's harder and harder to get people to commit to coming.

 A virtual summit is the key to solving this. Heck even if you've never run an event before...this is for you!

We've been running summits and we just love them...and now everyone's been asking us to help them run summits too!

We’ve mastered the model and are sharing our wisdom with you, in fact we do most of it for you!  Ready to make a big splash for your practice? 

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp DC & Brandy Kinnear- Marketing Expert
Shift Your Practice
We’ve been early adopters of all things tech and marketing for years and we know that getting in early is always the difference between success and still sitting on the fence watching others succeed. We like to focus our time on things that work, things that have multiple benefits, longevity and things that tick a lot of boxes at once.

What about you? 

  • Wondering what you should put time and effort into that will actually work?
  • Wondering how to stand out from your competition?
  • ​Wondering what you can do that is fun and unique that you can actually get excited about?

Let's book a call and see if running our “done-with-you” virtual summit program for your practice is gonna fill the gaps, tick off all your boxes and get you feeling like 2020 will be your best year yet!
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